Alyssa’s work speaks from the heart. She believes in the interconnectedness of humanity and the largely untapped potential for joy in our world.

In her personal practice Alyssa studies theories surrounding her spiritual musings which include symbols such as the Eye of ProvidenceSacred geometry, and elements of Buddhism. These and many other elements are visual signposts of the mental journey Alyssa takes while considering the balance necessary for a more joyful world that is inseparable of the connection between all living beings

These deep-seeded beliefs are what makes her relationships as personal as her projects. She primarily creates custom work such as portraits, pet portraits, home or building renderings, memorials, and wedding keepsakes. These are life’s biggest moments. Alyssa is able to eternally encapsulate the spirit of these fleeting moments with her thoughtful expression through many mediums.

Her techniques are as varied as her subject matter – working in sculptural ceramics, felting, drawing, painting, and wood-burning.  She would love to be a part of celebrating what’s most important in your life.

How to Commission Alyssa

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