Alyssa Clifford . Age 26 . Western Pennsylvania

My Story

Hi, my name is Alyssa. My purpose in life is to create things with my hands. I prefer these things to be well cherished and one of a kind. 

Creation is the fabric of our lives and creativity gives you unbound access to life's possibilities. For this reason I am not an artist that fits in a box like most. I will try anything, and to be honest, most likely succeed. It is the faith in myself and my ability that allows me to access the expanded part of our minds that can be shut off by life's rules and cultural expectations. Because of this unwavering pursuit, the act of creating, for me, becomes something spiritual in and of itself. No subject matter is off limits and I have a long and growing list of mediums I am proficient in.

While I do mostly commissioned pieces my true love is expressing the corners of my mind and the questions that are pondered during my journey for clarity. I have always had a spiritual side as I was brought up Catholic and it was all I had known. High School is where I found out that believing in God was a choice. This is the moment my life changed forever. Everything I had known was now in question. It was time for me to define my own beliefs and world. I Now I call myself an "Explorist" and my spiritual musings are what mark my world. 

I believe in ecological equality to the fullest extent. Buddhism and other spiritual practices have taught me that it is not about the achieving of things but the connection to your true self  because of a responsibility for one's own happiness that directly affects all beings with which we interact. Every decision has an impact and so I try to make every decision mindfully. I hope to teach more about the practice of mindfulness and expand people's perspective on what it means to be a part of this world with unconditional love because of the undoubted effects on the universe at large.

In the spirit of teaching love - I find the best way I can do that is by answering people's requests for personalized artwork eternalizing a portion of their lives. I couldn't ask for more than the knowing that my art has direct value and meaning in someones life and that the piece went to someone who now knows the true value of art in their lives and our society. 

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